About SSP

Sugar Snap Peas happen to be one of my fav veggies. Their sweet, crunchy and green.

Suga is love. Often times we use the word sugar as a term of endearment or nickname like honey, or sweet heart. I shorten it to suga ’cause thats just a little bit more my style. Suga is about how I learned to love myself and others. Snap is for photography. I am all about the “let me just snap of photo real quick” type of situations. I live an awesome life and I want to document everything. Pea is for food because I love food. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine.” OKAY! no problem, I love to eat colorful, healthy and delicious food daily!  So Suga Snap Pea is all about loving myself and my neighbor, taking pictures to share everything and enjoying every aspect of food! Cheers!




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