On The Menu: Gratitude


-Fresh herbs growing inside the new Lyfe Kitchen in Culver City, yum-


-A new yoga mat from Lululemon and glass water bottle makes my practice feel fresh and rejuvenated-


-Actually taking walks on the beach in Santa Monica, leaving foot prints in the sand, bliss-


Yogi Tea, bringing me wisdom with every cup, mmm-


-A positive reminder about what this whole journey is about spotted on the side of the rode, oh Los Angelenos-

Recently, it feels as if time has sped up. We are nearly half way through 2013 and although I feel as if I have been present in most of the moments it is easy to get caught up in the routine of going through the motions. With a new series of posts titled ‘On The Menu: Gratitude’, I want to share with you moments and things that truly made me stop and smell the roses (humor me)! Things that make me feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for where I am right now in this beautiful life of mine. I want to share that positive energy with all of you.




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